There are millions of companies in the United States but less than 1% of them ever grow past 10 million in revenue per year. This week’s guest Herb Cogliano, an International Business Growth Advisor and Certified Scaling Up Coach, shares his expertise on how business owners can prepare to scale up, hire the right people, and better prepare for their future!

Here are a few takeaways from the podcast to give you an idea of the theme of this episode.

– The three barriers that most leaders have to encounter are having enough leadership, scalable infrastructure, and market dynamics.

– Most people think scaling up is about growing your company, but what it really is about growing leaders that grow your company.

– By accepting to have a coach, you’re accepting that you are open to learning more and that you’re open to learning differently.

To find out more, check out the full podcast by visiting the link below.

Playing to Win – Herb Cogliano – Leadership in Action- Episode #007