Since engaging with Herb, our revenue growth has tripled!

Our business journey has been like climbing Everest. We have been in high-growth mode for some years and we realized that, in order to go to the next level, it was time for us to seek expert guidance. Since engaging with Herb, our revenue growth has tripled! Rather than playing fast and loose as we had traditionally done, we are now operating under appropriate protocols that are essential for us to sustain our growth at scale.

Herb has a remarkable gift for helping us to cut through the clutter and get to the heart of matters that, at first, may seem overwhelming. We have had many ‘stucks’ along the way that, at times, confounded us. Herb, with his depth and breadth of knowledge, is able to guide us – with great kindness and patience – drawing on his expansive, real-world experience. We would enthusiastically recommend Herb to others.

For companies who wish to scale, Herb is like a trusted sherpa – with confidence we literally put our business-life in his hands as he guides us – ever steadily – as we scale our Everest reaching ever greater heights. And the journey has been breathtaking! If you think you can go it alone – perhaps you ought to reconsider. Herb is the ‘essential element’ and coach to guide any organization that is endeavoring to scale.

Greg Dewald, Founder & CEO, Bright!Tax