This second-generation, woman-owned scale-up is shaking up the nursing industry

Louise Thomson, RN, was ahead of her time when she founded Caring for You, a nursing agency headquartered in Victoria, Australia, with a vision of “putting nurses first” in 2004. Thomson, known affectionately as “Louy,” grew the business to more than AUD 50 million (which converts to about USD 34 million) and expanded into four states in Australia, with 4,326 nurses on her roster when she passed away suddenly about a year ago.

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A tax firm discovers a unique niche—serving expats—and scales to a team of 50

During 10 years of living in Argentina, entrepreneur Greg Dewald discovered that many American expats were behind on filing their U.S. taxes–and spotted a gap in the marketplace.

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This Marketing Firm Grew Revenue By 79% In Two Years By Implementing The Scaling Up Platform

With her company’s marketing services in high demand, Jennelle McGrath was eager to scale. Market Veep, which McGrath founded in 2014, helps growth-minded businesses implement HubSpot marketing and sales automation.

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What do you do when all of your sales channels are suddenly frozen.jpeg

What Do You Do When All Of Your Sales Channels Are Suddenly Frozen? This Entrepreneur Got Creative

Wayne Spray’s nearly 25-year-old company, Frozen Drinks Africa, was scaling up rapidly when Covid-19 hit. Suddenly, Cape Town, South Africa, where it is based, went into a hard lockdown. Theme parks, resorts and the seven other major sales channels where the company installed its machines were shuttered, and residents were only allowed to leave their homes for essential errands.

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Building Out A New Product Line Helped This Family Business Scale Up

Dennis and Emily Balajadia founded Dragon Edge Group, based in the Manila area of the Philippines, to make sunscreen after Dennis had drinks at the beach, dozed off–and ended up with a bad burn.

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This restaurant company positioned its eateries for fast-growth despite the pandemic

Scaling a restaurant chain isn’t easy in any economy. It’s been even tougher for operators since COVID-19 arrived. That hasn’t stopped Raji Sankar and Randhir Sethi, co-CEOs of Wholesome International. Their Pittsburgh-based company, founded in 2004, owns 31 restaurants—25 Five Guys burger restaurants and six Choolaah eateries in Pennsylvania and Ohio—and employs 700 people. They are now on track to expand over the next few years to 30 locations at Choolaah, a chain of Indian restaurants known for melt-in-your-mouth dishes cooked in tandoori ovens at very high temperatures.

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How a staffing company increased profits by 4.5x

Dan Fantasia’s sales recruitment firm, Treeline, Inc., in Wakefield, Mass., had grown to 30 employees by 2019 but something wasn’t quite working. Cash flow was tight and profits weren’t what Fantasia, the company’s president, hoped they would be. “It felt like we were out of control, a little bit,” he says.

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How a six-person home improvement company put itself on the fast track to $1 million in revenue

Bill Wilson—a 26-year Air Force veteran—named his home improvement company Valor Home Services because, he says, “I have always felt like the protector and provider in life.” Even before his military career, he helped his father raise his younger brother and sister while he was still a boy, upon losing their mother.

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